From the desk of Campus Chief

From the Desk of Campus Chief

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Dear All, Greetings from LBU Central Campus!

Nepal has the pride of having birth-places of three historical Buddhas and the incessant chain of practitioners of their noble teachings through ancient times. Realizing this fact, the Government of Nepal has established Lumbini Buddhist University in Lumbini, the Birthplace of Gautam Buddha, to promulgate his teachings through teachings and research at a higher level. Located at Lumbini, the LBU Central Campus aims to offer classes and researches on various subjects on Buddhism and its allied subjects. As being the only constituent Campus of the University, it has been developing as a center of academic excellence and a hub of scholarly interaction on Buddhist studies and its practices since its establishment in 2013 AD.
LBU Central Campus has been offering various programs in the Undergraduate and Graduate level. We run classes on Bachelor of Arts (BA) with majors in Buddhism, English and Rural Development, Bachelors in Bhot Buddhist Studies (BBBS), and Bachelors in Travel and Tourism Management with honors in Buddhism (BTTM). At the Master’s level, we have been running classes in Theravāda Buddhism, Mahāyāna Buddhism, Applied Buddhism, and Buddhist Studies in General. Apart from these, Central Campus also has been running a year certificate level language training program in Pāli, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese, and English. We provide these programs in physical classes and through online modes as per the program needs and our students’ requirements. We are committed to run our programs in the environment of empathy, brotherhood, equanimity, and sympathetic joy i.e. according to the Buddhist practice of Brahmavihāra.
Those who have joined with us, I would like to welcome you all at the LBU Central Campus, your true destination for approaching higher education in Buddhism and Applied Buddhist Subjects.

Finally, on behalf of LBU Central Campus, I would like to invite to the deserving students and researchers from Nepal and abroad to our academic programs.

Mr. Nir Bahadur Grurung

Campus Chief
Reach me at [email protected]