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Academic Advisor and Mentoring Committee
Each student entering the Ph.D. program will select an Academic Advisor before classes begin. The Advisor must be a member of the Group in Buddhist Studies. In addition, at least one other faculty member from the Group in Buddhist Studies is selected to constitute, along with the Advisor, the student’s “Mentoring Committee.” The Mentoring Committee is responsible for overseeing the student’s program of coursework, course of language study, selection of cognate areas, timing of preliminary exams, and so on. Membership in the Mentoring Committee can be changed at any time with the agreement of the student, the student’s Advisor, the Buddhist Studies Head Graduate Advisor, and the Director of Buddhist Studies. The Mentoring Committee is replaced by the “Dissertation Committee” (see below) once candidacy is achieved.

A minimum of 8 graduate seminars or upper division courses are required, all of which are chosen in consultation with the Academic Advisor. At least one seminar must be taken in the field of Buddhist art history. In addition, at least one seminar must be taken in each of the two cognate fields (see under Qualifying Exams). The art history course requirement can simultaneously fulfill the course requirement for the cognate disciplinary field in the event that said field is art history.

All pre-candidates are required to enroll for 1 credit in the Buddhist Studies Proseminar (BS200) each term they are registered, provided that the seminar is being offered. This seminar does not count toward the 8 course requirement. This seminar focuses on recent scholarship in the field, particularly interdisciplinary and cross-regional scholarship. It involves all Buddhist Studies faculty and students, and typically meets four times or so each semester.

All courses taken to fulfill the degree requirements, including the art history seminar, seminars taken to fulfill cognate field requirements, and the Buddhist Studies Proseminar, must be taken for a letter grade.

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